Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Time Out to Pray

Yesterday's posts, ranging from a food-related one about pâté to the harsh entry regarding Boston, seem to typify the roller-coaster world we live in. It's my belief that simple pleasures are gratifying to most, but they are sometimes hard to grasp. 
Especially when... 

Mother Nature is pissed off, judging by her recent deliveries of natural disasters. The general public is further pissed because of the economy - losing a home will do that to a soul who just wants to make ends meet. Rampant common criminals are perpetually pissed and don't need reasons to murder, rape and rob. Most of all, though, radical terrorists - homegrown or not - are pissed to oblivion, ready to take down the masses within their weapons range. 

Once again, I think of (link) Chandra Levy. Coincidentally, there's an article about her, nearly twelve years to the day of her disappearance, in yesterday's (link) HUFFINGTON POST, right alongside news of the marathon tragedy. An endless cycle; and yes...

We've all seen the horrific images; there's no need to post them here. But at the very least, so many more innocent victims sure need to be kept in our thoughts and prayers.
Yesterday in Boston