Monday, April 15, 2013

LIM - Jambut Pâté

This is not the first time I've thought, (link) "Jambut," here on CMI. Today's version came together in a refrigerator clean-out. You know the deal - little bits of this and that, but not enough of anything to make a simple sandwich. So, with the help of my trusty food processor, I somewhat finely chopped batches of leftover turkey, chicken, potatoes and onions, tossing everything into my favorite Glidden mixing bowl, as I progressed. Next in was fresh celery, the only item left in the veggie cooler. Last, but most certainly not least, came the dressing... Chobani plain/fat-free, a heap of spicy mustard and freshly squeezed lemon juice. A hit of parsley flakes finished off what is now a boatload of pâté. Just remember...

Anything goes. It upsets me to first save and then end up tossing the little-bits. This is a much more satisfying solution.