Monday, April 8, 2013

I Know, I Know... And I Apologize!

Sure, y'all have heard about Gran's bowl, ad nauseam. What can I say, except please just suck it up and come in for one more round. There are still things to be uncovered, amongst Mom's possessions. Don't forget, she was the keeper of Gran's treasures, too. So...
See this picture? See Gran to the right? See what she and her sister, Mamie, are leaning on? Okay, that's it, except to say that Gran was one hot momma. Check out her red nail polish and lipstick. And be sure to notice her and G'pa Nicholas, my namesake, in what I believe to be a portrait taken at a child's wedding, hanging on what I think was (my Godmother/Mom's sis) Aunt Vee's wall. The bowl did the rounds, after my Grandfather passed and Gran broke up her home. First, it resided at my Aunt's, then with us in Jamaica/Massapequa, then with Mom and Dad in Kiamesha, then Mom in Rock Hill and ultimately, here at The Old Homestead. 
I've selected the next Keeper, but she's presently unaware :-).

For the record, I'm guesstimating this shot to be late '50's or very early 60's, as Great Aunt Mamie died in 1963. This I remember because she died while Gran was on her once-in-a-lifetime trip to Italy, previously spoken of on CMI. My parents were under the influence of relatives who thought Gran should return home. I was quite vociferous in my opinion for them to silence the sad news, allowing her to fulfill a much deserved dream... and she did.

It's not the tangible bowl I love as much as the thought of the touch I share with Gran.