Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's A Grand Day ♡

The thought for today was to write a few words in honor of Gran's birthday and then link to a past post or two. When I searched CMI for "Gran", though, the number of results surprised even this author. Who can choose?? Clearly a major influence in my life, memories seem to become more vivid, over the years. How can that be? Rhetorical question, really.
 I digress...

The very-young-Gran photo resided with Mom. Its star is obviously a Roaring Twenties beauty. Look at that gorgeous dress. And Gran with dark hair!  Thank G-d formal portraits were the rage, way back when, or we'd have very little by way of tangible memories. 

The amber beads Gran wore in the capture have been in my possession for quite some time. Though perfectly intact upon receipt, I decided to separate them with the intent of restringing smaller sets to be shared amongst several of Gran's girlie descendants. She would like that. 

Happy Birthday to a grand Grand Love... an amazing matriarch.