Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good Luck!

If you devour as much Asian food as we do, you've been over-exposed to Good Luck plants. Joe and I both like them. 

They are usually quite prolific, but growing in teeny-tiny pots. After a while, they begin to yellow; and then what? Well, I went in search of the answer and it seems that rerooting and/or repotting are in order.  So, I took a viable piece of bamboo-like stem and gave it a shot. The directions said to seal off the cut top with wax - DONE - and give it three months to sprout - DONE. Yes, almost three months to the day, a little nub appeared. YIPPEE! On the same day I noticed the action, Joe walked in with a new heart-shaped baby, fresh from the sushi store.
Gotta love it... and him. Thanks, Honey.
Good Luck to All.