Sunday, April 7, 2013

"FaceTime, G'ma?"

Gavin cracks me up. He's so danged BUSY... doesn't know what to do first and trust me, his room reflects his varied interests. In his own words, as he FT's me around it:
"I know, G'ma, it's a mess." 

Thing is, there's no time to be orderly, in his high-energy world. Sooooo, when I get a call to FaceTime, regardless of what I look like, curiosity always gets the best of me and it's imperative to see what's up in the moment. When he suggests taking my screen picture in the wee morning hours, I just quickly drop his view to the tile. Here, I laugh aloud, thinking of what Nicki F-W said to me: 
"The kids are just so uninhibited, Nicki... they don't even consider their appearance, the way we do."

 It's true! And I'm happy for them. 'Tis as it should be, in a world way too hung up on outer beauty... 
this diatribe with a hidden face and as I follow directions to capture his precious smile. :-)

Eight years old and a Whiz Kid. A Mischief Maker. 
Absolutely full of joie de vivre.
Demonstrating Dance Moves to a Captive Audience