Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Amazing Amaryllis

Nothing says "Christmas" like amaryllis blooms. They are so gorgeous. Gift one at Thanksgiving and it'll bloom in time for Santa. But THIS. Absolutely incredible. Individually waxed bulbs are fed and forced for the holiday and require no water to maintain. Also, this type of planting somewhat dwarfs the plant, preventing long, leggy stalks that require staking. I'm so excited!

Like them? Well, shop around, 'cause we first saw them in Lowe's, last week. I resisted at $15 a pop, but noticed them for the second time in a Jackson & Perkin's catalogue for double that amount. Mentioned to Joe and guess what? During his yesterday's travels, he stopped at Lowe's to later surprise me with these beauties. Have I mentioned my excitement… a rhetorical question.
For me, less is more; their simplicity is what I love. But, they can be arranged in containers to make larger displays, if that's what floats your boat Christmas canoe.

'Tis the Season. Happy Flowers. Thanks, Honey!
Updates to follow, as they grow.