Friday, November 13, 2015

And Speaking of Thirteen...

What can Aubrey's gift be????
Joe and I were chatting about Aubrey's special birthday, yesterday morning - the much anticipated and anxiously awaited Number Thirteen. According to Aubs, she does feel a bit different, now that she's a teenager. Funny thing is, as I told Joe and later Aubs, I so clearly remember the gift my parents gave me on my own thirteenth birthday. While Joe attributed the memory to my "incredible mind," hahaha, the reality is that I only recall a few gifts from way back when. Thing is, as I conceded to Aubs, maybe thirteen does have a memorable charm to it.

Found this pic online… it's sort of like my old
radio, but I recall its case to be much
more lavish!

Sure, my mind's eye can muster up my incredibly beautiful Columbia bicycle, but the occasion for which I received it escapes me. But that big clunker of a portable radio with its leather case was my you've-become-a-teen gift. My girlfriend, who had a similar one, and I would walk around with those things, hoping Ricky Nelson would come on the radio. Back in the day, they served only one purpose. No CDs. No tapes. Just radio.

Teen ♥-throb Ricky
While that ol' radio would be considered a "big" gift, there was another teeny tiny one that has forever stayed with me. Wish I'd had the foresight to keep it, over the years. Still a teen, I found the coolest pen in my Christmas stocking. A bunch of iridescent glass balls in a gorgeous shade of chartreuse were held together by an ink cartridge. It was like writing with a piece of jewelry. I tried duplicating it in an art app, but you'll have to trust me on this one - it was soooo pretty. A little imagination would be very helpful, here. :-)

We're celebrating Aubrey on Saturday and her gifts were actually requests for her new room. We got some online retail therapy, as we shopped for part of her gift. After all, the girl has distinct tastes of her own, now! After all, she's a teenager.