Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Creating Photo Ops

NIK and I got busy, today, less than twenty-four hours after Joe filled the old feeder on a new deck arm. Brilliant. Our birds are suspended close to the slider and in such a way that we can multitask, all cozy on the couch. Close enough to use the smaller of my lenses. Yep, build it fill it and they will come.
Chickadee came first and no, I didn't filter the above pic to black and white; it was just a grey morning that offered this result.
Big Kahuna wasn't far behind, but waited for Old Sol to make an appearance. He and the Mrs., who later worked her way into the mix, prefer blue skies.
In between, there were woodpeckers, titmice, blue jays, nuthatches and the resident red squirrel. Not to worry, as he hasn't quite yet figured out how to access the seed.

As though not enough of G-d's gifts, we spotted Big Baldie flying by. Perfect.