Saturday, November 21, 2015

What A Mess - Snowmaking!!

Okay, okay! It was a light dusting, not a blizzard!
One more quick stop, last evening, took us to Lowe's, where I picked up a cheap-o fake wreath to decorate for our pretty red door. Didn't want to steal any thunder from Big Branch-Beauty, roadside; but hey, a red door is a natural for some Christmas adornment. Thing is, fake wreaths need fake snow, not available at any of our stops. Online prices are ridiculous, so I decided to go for some kids' vids on YouTube and make some white 'n' fluffy. Oy vey. What a mess!

A combo of baking soda and white conditioner worked like magic. I added some Elmer's, knowing where this stuff was headed. Spread a mess of it all over those fake branches and put it outside. After it dried for an hour or so, I hit it with spray adhesive. Then, another coat of the same about another hour later.

Sure, the end result with its 1/16th of the amount of snow made :-) looks pretty nice. By now, you've guessed what happened to most of the white stuff. Thing is, we'll be vacuuming till the New Year. But hey, that ribbon has no glitter (thanks, Gav) and those needles won't dry and fall off. I guess some price has to be paid to fancy up for Old Saint Nick, eh?

In spite of a snowed-on home interior, I still plan to do this one with the kids, on some cold winter's day. We just won't sprinkle snow… we'll create chubby snowmen and fancy igloos.

Try at your own risk mess; lots of vids to choose from.

To Note: This accomplished while Great White Hunter sat in the woods awaiting the arrival of Bambi. Thing is, Bams got the gist and did not make an appearance. While I love wreaths of all kinds, my opinion of hunting isn't pretty. Cheers!