Saturday, November 21, 2015

GrandL♥ve Rescue Mission

Before Yesterday's First Departure :-)
In what must have been the longest trip to Middletown ever, we were already at Exit 118, yesterday, when we received a cell phone call from Gav. Seems the kids had half a day and he was exiled to Schmidt's to spend a few work hours with his Dad…

"Can you BELIEVE that I have to spend three hours here???"

We first told him we'd nearly reached our destination in the opposite direction to his location; but then, we took pity. Back to Exit 104 (well beyond home) for an emergency pick-up and then all the way to Exit 120 for what turned out to be a non-productive but very fun-faced afternoon. :-)

Planned errands were tossed out the (car) window, as we opted for a two-hour lunch at the Outback. We had a blast! Can that kid talk. And talk. And talk.

In an attempt to accomplish a little something, we hit Sam's. Yep. Friday evening at Sam's. Are you familiar? The place was mobbed, but… and this is a huge but… they were serving samples from one end of the store to the other. Gavin, already supposedly full from our long lunch, was ecstatic and found room in his growing, lanky body to try everything offered. Actually, he hit the mashed potato station three times. But hey, I promised not to tell, so shhhhh.

In between bites, he helped me choose holiday ribbon 'n' wrap, not such an easy task when searching for the non-glittered variety. I'm still finding last year's sparkly, here and there! I digress. Here at the lake house, we're already thinking Christmas. I know, I know. It's early and before Thanksgiving. We never decorate till right after turkey. Well, you know how it goes… never say never. We're excited for our first Christmas in our new digs. We've already cut boatloads of red berries from the waterside shrub to do the big wreath with its Stacey Drive branches. It looks so pretty and was nice to return home to, all lit up. Don't judge. We're excited.
For the record, all the pics in this post were taken with my new phone, possibly worth its weight in rose gold. Though I still need to work on indoor results, this I-swear-by-my-Nikon-only Lady is impressed.

Have a Happy Day. Giving Thanks, here on Golden Pond.

"G'ma, I feel so grown up, now that I'm as tall as you are!"