Friday, November 27, 2015

Giving Thanks for Life in Between the MoonSet and SunRise

We had such a nice day, yesterday. Bri 'n' Kell 'n' Aubs 'n' Gav invited us "home" for a long, relaxing and enjoyable brunch, before they headed to Kelly's parents for a later dinner. It was fun! And certainly different, with the parents going home, instead of the kids coming home for Thanksgiving. Good Ol' Stacey Drive is faring well. They are thrilled to be there; and needless to say, we couldn't be happier. It would have been painful to forfeit the house and countless beautiful memories to strangers. It was fun to watch Aubs making a mega batch of pancakes. She's quite familiar with that kitchen, as y'all know. Have a look back at much younger Aubs… making pancakes!
 Gav made us a precious card, in which he proclaimed his thanks for family, friends, food and school.. and was so proud of the table and his room - the one that is incredibly neat, with a spot for everything. He's clearly got my blood running through his veins.

Of course, we missed Christian's branch of our little family, but knowing they were having a good day made it okay. With that said, we want to thank BKAG for a warm and loving celebration.

Upon returning to the lake, we enjoyed our own delicious dinner. With gratitude, Joe and I came to the realization a while ago that the LakeHouse is home for us, now. We love it here… but then, what's not to love? The biggest problem is the possibility of my turning into a sloth, doing nothing but grabbing NIK or my phone to capture the endless and ever-changing beauty that is the Lake. The big late-fall thrills are the 6:00 AM MoonSets on one side of our view and the SunRises on the other. Talk about perfection… OMG, I am spellbound on a daily basis. Mesmerized. Astounded. No artist's rendering could ever capture what Momma Nature offers, daily. And herein are our morning-after-turkey treats of Set 'n' Rise, as well as a darker MoonSet from earlier this week. I just love how today's colors spread the length of the lake, banding even the moon in morning light.
 This Morning

Hoping your turkey was grand and your blessings bountiful!