Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Verizon Games Update - Unscrupulous Tactics

I hope you read last Friday's post about the games Verizon has taken to, in order to boost their sales and our data bills. If not, please do so; it's linked here. Now, to continue the saga:

Yesterday, we received a notice from Verizon of a new phone number and fees associated with the new, unwanted iPad.
"NO WAY!" said I. "I'll return my pink pretty first, as much as I like it."
We decided that Joe would try to return the new, unopened "gift" iPad, as he was going to be in Middletown today, anyway…

He immediately got the Verizon store's manager on the case, at the same time discovering they'd charged us FORTY DOLLARS… $40.00… for activation of assigned, non-transferable number…

CAN YOU IMAGINE??? This was supposed to have cost us nothing.

ALL was corrected; device was returned; number canceled. But still, I am totally pissed by these unscrupulous tactics. The phone ended up costing us too much. I could have waited, believe me. Sure, I'll enjoy it nonetheless… BUT…

 We'll ditch Verizon at the first opportunity.