Friday, November 13, 2015

The Games Verizon Plays

We think Verizon is taking lessons from Time Warner. It's not pretty. See if you concur…

I made a decision on which phone to upgrade to, about a month ago. Yep. I went all girlie and a bit bigger. Lovin' my choice, but NOT lovin' how the purchase went. The phone was not yet available, at that time, but we were assured by a Verizon rep that we'd receive a $200 credit for my iPhone 5. Oooh-kay, that would have worked for us.
When the product finally arrived in the Verizon store, POOF! There went the deal. Now, we were down to $80 for any model iPhone, as long as in good working order. The deal came with a mandatory "gift" of a new iPad Mini.
Joe: "But we don't NEED an iPad, we each have our own."
V: "Sorry, that's the deal and it's in sync with your phone on Verizon WiFi."
Uh-huh. Let's see how much over our data plan we can go… no thanks. Continuing…

Next day, we swapped my 5 for a 4 that one of the kids was using; it's in perfect condition, always protected by a case and screen saver. Down to Verizon it went.
V: "Oh, no, THIS is not an $80 trade."
Joe: "But you said ANY phone."
V: "Sorry, Pal, this is worth a $30.00 credit."
 Let's be clear, we're NOT pals. Furthermore, Mr. Store Manager couldn't be bothered with handling the issue for the salesman, sooooo…

A VERY long, two hours on the phone produced the total of $80. But, it's the principle of the thing…