Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Kim ♡

With impeccable timing, Kim called last night. We'd just finished a rather late dinner, after our long, long brunch at BKAG's… and she'd just put everything away after hosting her Sis, C.C. and her Mom. Man, did we laugh; but some might be offended by our inside humor. Hey, it's LOVING inside humor. You know, like…

 Mom/Nan never misses a meal, with her presence on Bri's table (a gifted set of china) and Kim's table (glassware that was gifted when her parents married).

Sure, G-d gave us beautiful Sons, but then there are Kim and Vicki…

She tells me that at one point during their celebration, her Mom said to her,

"OMG, you sounded just like your Aunt Nicki, just then."

Ask me how much I love THAT. She wouldn't tell me WHAT she said, though, claiming loss of memory. Who cares. I'll take it, good or bad. You remember that, Kimberly, be proud! We're Firemarks, after all, connected by a vast, intelligent gene pool AND blood.

When I extended early birthday wishes and a book recommendation :-) at the end of last night's convo, Joe chimed in,

"Just stay on a little longer and it'll BE tomorrow!!!"

Happy Birthday, Honey. We love you so much, but 41 are too many to post!
Still laughing...