Monday, July 11, 2011

Captain 3000 'n' Christian Lopez

FOX Photo
Of course, I'm partial to the name of the fantastic young man who caught the Captain's historical hit. That aside, I must say that this family will be remembered for a father's guidance and a son's decision:

"You’re a grown man," his proud father said. "You make your own decisions." 

It's not every day that we are treated to a story so very heartwarming, on multiple levels. Ya know, I think my Christian would make the same decision; I must ask him. It's Derek's ball to keep, in my opinion. As for the young man, I so feel that he'll be rewarded in more ways than we can count... effect from cause... karma. Hey, season's seats at the Stadium are a pretty good start.

POSTSCRIPT: My naysayer is sitting in his chair, telling me about "The Fan" (WFAN) and all the reasons Christian, known as C-Lo to his family and friends, should have hung onto that ball. As though this information isn't enough, he's just added that the trophy is headed to Cooperstown, where its value will be somewhere in the range of a million dollars. What would YOU do? Derek, are you reading? Time to step up to the plate in a different capacity, according to Joe. Sigh.