Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Even Simpler Salmon Burgers

A short while ago, I'd posted a recipe for (link)
salmon burgers. Well, here's a simpler version that uses a fork for blending - it's too hot to entertain the thought of washing the Cuisinart. And thus is the height of summer laziness.

For three burgers, thaw 2 6-oz. ocean-caught salmon fillets in the fridge and flake them, together with a boatload of minced garden chives (they are perennials that grow like weeds... I hope you have them planted), an egg, 2 Laughing Cow wedges, mustard, pepper and homemade panko crumbs from the freezer :-). Gently form into 3 patties, sprinkle both sides with fresh lemon juice and paprika. Sauté with sweet onions in a tiny amount of EVOO. I topped mine with tzatziki, a cucumber-garlic yogurt dip, and the onions. I very much like seeing the salmon, when made this way; it retains its color and texture.

Tip: Grill is lit? Spray a piece of foil and do your cooking outdoors. Buon Appetito.