Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jurors In Jeopardy?

Did you hear that death threats are being made against jurors? This is turning out to be criminal on multiple levels. Personally? For starters, I think a potential Caylee's Law should include Part 2, a stipulation to ban the media from courtrooms and surrounding areas, in the event the missing stay as such (or worse), and in all cases. Also, the death penalty should be abolished in all of our United States. Or, at the very least, reverse the order of presentation, when trying to convict... lesser first, building to a "possible"... that might reduce the psychological burden felt by jurors. And Nancy Grace should find a new hobby. She was pleading "my" case on GMA, each morning, against Dan Abrams. Nonetheless, I wanted to agree with the gentlemanly Dan, simply based on NG's piranha approach. Um, let someone else finish a sentence, Ms. Grace, as painful as it might be to you. Even seeing it your way is tough.

While I agree with the majority in the Court Of Public Opinion in that the devil has been freed, I still respect the jurors. They lived together for a month. They did not, in my opinion, arrive at a verdict in eleven hours. They'd been deciding on a daily basis. Oh, and one more thing, a prosecutor who laughs while a defense attorney is speaking should be recused from the case. A turn-off, regardless of the side you've taken. 

Is this child ever going to rest in peace? Never-ending is the heartbreak for those who hold her in their hearts.