Monday, July 25, 2011

Horticultural Rewards

Orchids have fast become a favorite flower. They reside here at the Old Homestead in varying stages, gifted from family members.
An Exciting First

 Always received in bloom, I'd never seen one shoot a new flower stem - that is, till yesterday. Quite the thrill, I must say... a first. It's on the birthday plant from Vicki. Joe and I observed that it grew a half inch, in just one day!

Precious Memories
Speaking of plant thrills, check out the little avocado pit. After several weeks in drenched soil, life has finally seared its way through the toughness. I have to laugh, 'cause the last avo-tree I had was back in the seventies. The boys were very little, and we had Baron, our big, black, 125-pound Giant Schnauzer. I was on the phone, when suddenly Big Dog came romping by, uprooted tree in jowls. He'd robbed it from the living room, from which he was then banned. Ike and Mambo had better watch their steps.

Quick To Propagate 
One more mention - Sweet Potato Vine cuttings root in water in little time. If someone admires yours, share it. 
The world will be a better place.