Monday, July 18, 2011

"It's Your Moon, Nick" ♡

So, y'all have heard repeatedly about that frog who dreamed of bein' a king, right? And I've been the object of merciless teasing about the topic. But you tell me - who is the instigator? The day before my birthday, Joe placed this big guy in the pool and told me, "He's your Neil frog." But the poor green monster... his dream was yet unfulfilled. So, Surprise Guest Vicki, Mom and Joe watched, as I crowned him King Of The Pool. And that set the tone for a fantastic weekend of fun and family. Thanks, Joe, for always making me feel so special... and for your response, when I told you just that.  I am... I said... still chuckling.
Our Gang  
Bri 'n' Kell opened their fun and loving home to our gang, and we were blessed with an abundance of brilliant sunshine and beautiful noise. Everyone was beyond thrilled to have Vic join in the festivities. We hit the yard and within seconds kicked into celebration. 

The kids were an absolute blast, flitting about from pool, to swings and slides. Each is so uniquely beautiful and brilliant. Together they are absolute love, personified. I just adore having the whole brood under wing... my most relaxed, happy and worry-free times. I'm still basking in their glow.

On to some music-making, thanks to Vic. A teacher at heart, she was clearly in her element, having brought her arsenal of instruments for some lessons. I'm not too sure how the neighbors felt about the beat of the djembe and the ringing of bells, well into the night; but we had no complaints. I'll bet they were dancin' on their respective decks.

How blessed I feel to share July with Christian and Kelly... three birthdays in ten days... and to have our gathering fall on my day, this year. Aubs was concerned about the song, asking, "G'ma, will we sing it three times or once for all three?" How adorable. I am SO in love with my family. Can y'all tell? The suns to my moon and the words to my tune... speaking of which...

On our way home on party night, Joe excitedly pointed out the brilliant orange ball in the sky. 
Do you know what My Guy said to me?

"It's your moon, Nick."