Saturday, July 2, 2011

That Kiss - Neil Diamond - Muah

Imagine a Grinder :-)

At first I was con-
cerned about his health, thinking That Kiss  was spontaneous, to buy some resting time. Uh-huh. That was till a few fans pointed out his amazing agility in rising from his scrunched up, Frenchie :-) position, with nothing to lean on... after which, he strolled to the other side of the stage and planted a few more wet ones. Whew. That was a long sentence. I'm breathless. Ha, ha.

Fan comments range from seriously pissed to hilarious. And Mr. D? I should have remembered that spontaneity is rarely a part of his schtick, as with, let's say, my Long Island guy, Billy Joel. Planned. Yep. Staged. Bringing me to another fan's comment that he couldn't stand watching a powerful, sixty-something-in-sequins kissing young uns many moons ago, during Girl. Um, well now we're watching a seventy-year-old helping that young Girl to become a Woman... SOON. 

The Real Deal
Joe posed the question over dinner, last night, "Would I like to be that Girl?" This, of course, was using the term very loosely. NO. Absolutely not. Twenty years ago, I didn't want to be Girl. It's why I never aspired for first row... no risk-taker, here. I'd be mortified. Just give me a seat third-to-fifth, center. But, YES, YES, I loved my own Neil moment, when he sang to me... Play Me... sure I'll play ya, Mr. D., 'cause I'm safely ensconced in my fifth-center cocoon. Eye contact. A tune. PERFECTION. A keeper. I can draw on it, still, in replay of the mind. I'm forever grateful to Joe for capturing that moment in time with the zoom ND comically commented on.

I've always disliked the sappy Girl segment. Yuck. One time, after seeing it in a show, I willed him to drop it before our second round of that tour. He did. How's that? See? Girl power.

But, what is REALLY wrong with the other night's display is not That Kiss... it's the fact that he dropped his signature song to do the deed. I AM... I SAID upset. I hope that tonight, in Glasgow, he'll make it right. Supposin' it's a dream-come-true-only-show-ever for a fan
Can you hear me, Neil Diamond? MUAH.
IAIS was back in - the girls of GIRLS were out