Thursday, July 21, 2011

Firsts ♡

We're havin' a heat wave... a tropical heat wave. You've heard, right? It mattered not that Aubs and Gav had just spent eight hours at camp, brook scavenging and pool swimming. Last evening, barely taking the time to devour meals-by-request, they only wanted more water. With six p.m. shade on the pool, it was tough to get many perfect shots. Nonetheless, we had a couple of firsts to record.

PV asked if the Frog King remains in residence. Here, she'll see him in action, receiving his very first kid lovin'. He did well - he can stay. After all, he's a slide and a ride, a perch to lurch, and cute to boot.

Back to the board, where Aubs was perfecting spinning jumps. Gavin watched her intently, before gingerly taking his first feet-first jump off the diving board. The picture above represents his third jump... he chose the photo 'cause, "This is my best one, G'ma."

Are you exhausted yet? Honestly, you can't take your eyes off of them for five seconds. Pool hopping... gotta respect and love it, all at the same time.