Monday, July 18, 2011

Serenity Now

The lake was just gorgeous, under Sunday's sun. Vic stayed through the weekend, until this morning (Monday), with high hopes of resurrecting a few childhood past-times. She'd brought her own kayak, so we were in the lap of luxury, with two... plenty of room for the three of us to take a spin.
Afterwards, she asked to use the Sunfish. Uncle Joe was happy to oblige. We can't remember the last time it was in the water, but it was long enough ago to require Internet instructions for rigging. Jeesh. Now, though, we're inspired to teach Aubrey to sail. We'll just have to make an appointment, between camp and camping, birthday parties and barbecues, sleepovers and swimming. Sigh. 

Water is so soothing... just being near it is great... being on it is sublime. 

Come back soon, Vic - we miss you already. 
 Love you, Sweetie.