Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not Millie's Coleslaw

Prepare per amount needed... this will darken
and look unappealing, as a leftover
Million Dollar Millie made the best coleslaw. It wasn't the dressing so much as the thinness of the almost-transparent shred. I think of her, whenever I make the dish. I always asked if she used a razor, a la the garlic scene from "Goodfellas"; she'd just laugh me off. Today, I was obviously impatient, as can be seen by the chunkiness of the veggies. If you're over my shoulder, Millie, I'm sorry... and I love ya. That's not the only memory that brought a smile to my face, as I sliced.

In making the Good-Mistake Avocado Dressing, I peeled the fruit with my fingers. This helps to keep it from reacting with an implement blade and blackening more quickly. Smushy, green pulp set me into a laughing fit. You see, back when we built The Old Homestead, Avocado Green and Harvest Gold were "the" colors. Don't ask. I swore I'd never look at them, again, after remodeling... and here I am on an avocado kick. But I digress...

Back to the recipe. I added a healthy dose of white balsamic vinegar to the dressing and tossed with cabbage, carrots, more scallions and pine nuts; garnished with a vine-ripened and taste-tested. I like. Creamy and nutritious. Joe won't touch this one, but he'll have crudites with the original dressing. Seriously... he's clueless. Just ask him if he likes avocado. I'm bad. Did I ever say otherwise? Hey, I worry about proper nutrition, for my loved ones. One day, we'll talk soup s'more. Smile.

Buon Appetito.