Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Team Michelle ♡

Just spreading a little lovin' here, from none other than my sweet pal, Michelle. You know her story; and I sure do hope you're still sending out prayers and good vibes for her. She still needs them. In spite of her struggle, she recently participated in Relay For Life and raised a ton of money, to help fight cancer. Always thinking of others, she sent two commemorative shirts from the event to my mailbox - one for me and one for Aubs. Mine was sized along the lines of a nightshirt; but this baby needs exposure. So, I did a little remodeling. Do you like? 
The How To:
Tee-shirt material doesn't fray; don't be afraid to cut away. I eye-balled the length I wanted and proceeded to cut fringe, a neckline and sleeves to roll. Then, I washed the shirt, allowing the flat fringe to curl itself, for the end result. When I tire of the look, some beads and knotted fringe shall be in order. Meanwhile, I'll make a pair of matching Michelle's Flippers, 
with the remnants.

Have fun... and think good thoughts for Michelle.