Monday, May 27, 2013

Brand New - Meet Baby Spots

During my customary "Good Night" to the Great Outdoors, I spotted a deer. It was beyond the stone wall and about a hundred feet from the house. No sooner did I comment to Joe when there it was... the tiniest fawn we've ever seen! Baby Spots is clearly a newborn.
 I grabbed NIK and swapped lenses. Incredibly, Lady Luck was on my side, 'cause shooting from behind the living room window yielded some pretty decent results. Maybe they'll give us the ultimate treat by visiting our front lawn. (Did I really say that?? Full grown, I'd be chasing Spots from my delectable plantings.)
Momma nuzzled her offspring, before lying down in the tall grass. Joe thinks they are bedded down for the night. 
There is some great info here.
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