Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ocean City Springfest - Wild Thang!

Don't be fooled by traffic lights and road signs - really - there's beach and ocean out there. We're here to tell you that it's wild! Though not exactly our cup of tea for layin' out in the sand, by the end of the day it had won us over for its fun factor. Now remember, this was only the first weekend of May and a chilly one, at that... even in Maryland. Didn't matter a bit. Believe it or not, loyal mobs of what we presume are yearly partiers flocked to the boardwalk. 

 Not operating while we were there, but nonetheless incredible to see... we'll have to return to hear the shouts of fear and glee.
 Again, don't let the deserted beach fool you, 'cause I'll bet one has to fight for a few inches of towel space when it's hot and steamy in July!
 Joe and Mambo took a break. No sooner did I join them when we had a mini-mob congregating around us. Yep, you know the drill... they wanted to know about Mambo. I've not yet made my recording or sign:
"Yes, he's friendly. A Black Russian Terrier. Six years old. No, he doesn't shed. Yes, he's extremely well behaved, which is why he's on vacation with us. Yes, you may pat him. 130 pounds." 
And so on and so forth. Not to be fooled - we love it. He's a rock star and gets his just rewards, such as a cup of ice cream...
 Wow! Bird's eye view.
 We made a quick trip to the water... trust me, it was fifteen degrees colder at the shoreline.
 Old Glory never gets old, especially in a cerulean sky.
 Only a few thousand miles to Sacramento, but in reality, we were heading back from the barrier island to the mainland to hit Hooper's. Remember Cory? Well, he'd recommended this local hot spot for the freshest, most delicious Maryland crabs.
 We didn't go for mallets and crab legs, but remember Outback Don? Well, here he was at Hooper's, once again our waiter. He highly recommended the crab cakes, "...the best of the best...," said he. They were. No fillers, just delicious, white lumps of seafood.
When we returned to our car, we spotted an onlooker. He seemed to be tweeting, "Come back soon."