Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Familiar Sights of the OBX

 We arrived with perfect timing, late Sunday afternoon. Our gorgeous condo was ready and waiting - immaculate and impeccably appointed, with a bottle of wine and greeting card setting a fabulous mood. A quick trip to our favorite off-road beach assured us that it awaited our return. Déjà vu.

The forecast was for pouring rain, on Monday. Imagine our surprise when we awakened to an amazing sunrise. It cleared for us and we were able to go find our friends. No sooner did we turn onto the sand, when we spotted our first welcoming equines.
 Continuing down the beach way, it was incredible to once again witness that endless stretch...
We worked our way to Carova... you remember, right? "Caro" for Carolina and "va" for Virginia... the border town in the sand. Then, it was up the dunes to the fire company, where we chit-chatted and got lots of info for Bri. Maybe there's a surprise in there, too. :-)
Eventually, we headed back to find "our" spot near the dunes. Joe took a sand-chair nap, while Mambo chilled, letting the breeze flow through his curly locks. I took pictures.
Pelicans abounded; below is my favorite capture. 
Corolla Lighthouse never gets old; it's visible from the moment you leave the sand until you reach your destination, and then some. In the OBX, wildlife rules. Watch out for snappers crossing roadways!
We picked up a cup of Dunkin'. Need I say more? But after his soothing R 'n' R, Joe barbecued steaks for our dinner. They were extra delicious on seashell-themed dinner plates.
Giving thanks for a beautiful first beach day, with the bonus of more sunshine, this morning. I'm all caught up with CMI... be back in a few. If you're here, thanks so much.