Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dune For A Day - Beach Savvy 101

G-d, what a gorgeous day. But it was chillier than North Carolina is used to, this time of year. From what we're told, though, it's still a heatwave, by comparison to the freezing temps, at home. Thing is, you have to understand the beach. 
We took our time wandering down Sand Way, stopping to enjoy three Palominos. I dubbed the beauty pictured above "Pal".  She was dragging her right, rear leg. It looked painful and was upsetting to see. I had reception on my cell, so I called in to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund number and spoke with a lovely lady. She told me that several people had already phoned in - I LOVE THAT CONCERN!!! - and a group member was his way to check Pal's condition. She further said that on occasion, a horse's knee will lock, remaining that way for a while but usually rectifying itself. We hoped this was the case, rather than a more serious scenario. One of her traveling companions found a solution to waiting patiently.
Joe picked a gorgeous, wide dune to park next to. He set our umbrella low to face sun and dune; it formed a wind shelter. Believe it or not, it was sixty degrees on the ocean side of our abode and hotter than blazes where we set our sand chairs. We shed layers for an SPF 30 afternoon. Crazy, right? And spectacular.
Tomorrow returns to hot 'n' steamy, but we're here to say that cooler, sunny days are fast becoming our favorites.

Giving further thanks for this glorious time spent together.