Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just Park Your Sand Chair Near A Dune

There is simply nothing like a day at the beach. It's always full of surprises, mostly desirable. Sure, an occasional buggy day might drive us a tad nuts. But for the most part? Sheer bliss. There is simply no response for those who question us. Blank stares are adequate replies to the question, "But what do you DO all day at the beach?" It's our secret... our strongest point of compatibility. We know how to pick our spot, park our sand chairs and pretty much let the day unfold. The OBX is especially grand, for this approach...

Take today. We rode the sand till we almost reached the Virginia border, making several stops along the way to commune with Spanish mustangs who traveled in bands of varying sizes - the largest included one stallion and five mares. Finally, we parked and just let it happen...
 Yep, we even "attended" a wedding. Gotta love a beach wedding, complete with a minister, guitar player, flower girl and attendants. 
The bride looked ecstatic, decked to the nines in white frill, but barefoot. Ah, a girl after my own heart. 
After a leisurely stroll, we packed up and headed back towards Corolla... slowly... you never know... and there they were. A small band with one boy and his two girls were grazing in the dunes. Suddenly, Ms. Black decided to gallop down to the water, the other two following suit. 
Wild horses galloping across sand... it just doesn't get any better.
A day at the beach with my honey...
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