Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The May Day Torch

Today is appropriately brilliant... crystal clear blue skies and blazing sunshine, with the promise of 70 degrees. Perfect, 'cause our birthday girls are extremely special... dual gifts on the first day of May. What more can a family ask for, than to be the recipient of such beautiful treasures? 
We miss Mom's physical presence, to say the very least. But she remains the Matriarch of our family and always will. She was fortunate in that she'll live in many memories for so very long; that keeps her alive, in a sense. She's doubly fortunate to have our Chloe to carry the May Day torch!!
Chloe. Our smart, sassy six-year-old. When there's a story to tell, no detail is eliminated, each portrayed with great enthusiasm... and if you're lucky enough to be face-to-face, portrayed with undeniably fabulous and fantastic facial expressions. :-) Little Miss Personality.
And gorgeous, to boot.

Mom's would-be 94 years combined with Chloe's 6 equals 100 years of family fortune.
Circa 1966 - Re-gifting Flowers Saved by Mom 
Giving thanks.