Sunday, May 12, 2013

OBX Cuisine

We tire quickly of restaurant food. With the exception of very few places, everything is a step away from fast food, especially in beach towns. I know, I know - food snobbery at its worst best. We do the eating out thing once, twice or thrice, before dreaming about our own pasta or pancakes. 
iPhonePhotos of Fabulous Fare ncs'13
The kitchen here in our condo clearly belongs to a chef. It is exceptionally well appointed; we're wanting for absolutely nothing. Great pots and pans; pretty dishes; excellent utensils; top-of-the-line appliances; and a gourmet market 'round the corner.

A sampling of our fare lies in this photo: 

huge salads with a base of crispy romaine
buckwheat pancakes with ginormous blackberries, yogurt and mango
chicken cacciatore with penne and Pomì tomatoes, in honor of (link) Mom's après ski fixins, during our downhill years
Samoa cookie (we brought a box from home, Aubs) shooters, with Breyers vanilla

There's even a side-story here. We found our favorite tomatoes at the local HT store in a close-out sale - $1.69 per box. What a deal! Yep, you guessed it; our souvenir became a case of tomatoes. We're good for the at-home summer.

Buon Appetito!