Sunday, May 12, 2013

Deserted Dunes

Mother's Day was interesting, here on the OBX. It was cloudy till about noon and cooler than yesterday. Seems as though most decided to take a break from sand and dunes, but we knew better. When Old Sol broke through the clouds, he gifted us one of the most spectacular beach days, wind free and perfectly warm. There is just nothing comparable to staring at the sea, according to Mambo.
Our nearest neighbor was about a mile downwind; we saw only one horse; birds were busy; Joe and Mambo bonded in their usual napping positions... and, I was able to receive my brother's phone call... middle of nowhere and cell service... go figure.
An exquisite day, majorly enhanced by later phone conversations with my GrandLoves, boys and their wives. Just Baby Girl Lyla was unable to extend phone wishes, but I'm giving her a few months to change that! We are so excited to see everyone, next Sunday in Minnewaska. Real hugs are gonna feel so good, so good, so good.

Giving Thanks