Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Makin' Friends in Maryland

Our view, as we pulled out of the driveway...
We were anxious to hit the road, though our OBX reservation didn't kick in till Sunday. Nonetheless, we pulled out of Stacey at nine a.m. last Friday morning, figuring we'd go about halfway and stop. At that particular moment in time, the weather was gorgeous; however, we knew we'd be dealing with the pattern of craziness that has prevailed, this year. What's it gonna be? 
Through the Windshield--Strange Sky
 I digress. Joe had a mindset to get to Virginia - he still cannot explain why. Moi? Maryland, a place we've only driven through. When we stopped at the the state's welcome center, we were almost convinced by the attendant to hang our hats in Salisbury for a couple of nights; but thankfully, I needed a car charger for my iPhone. Hmmm, what can this possibly have to do with anything? Off to the nearby Verizon store it was. That's where we met Cory, our salesperson.

Little to decide on with a charger... Verizon or Belkin... so, once that was ascertained, we got talkin'. Sure, he's a Maryland native, but he knows my old stomping grounds well, having attended college on Long Island. The stories began, ultimately leading to:

"So, where are you headed?"
"The OBX, but we thought to stop here for two nights."
"Here? In Salisbury?"
"Yes. Any suggestions?"
Wood burning here...
"You're a half hour from Ocean City. You should go there. It's Springfest, this weekend, and the place will be hopping - a lot of fun."
We liked Cory. Quick trust. And so, we were on our way, where...

We checked into a very nice, pet-friendly Comfort Suites. Sweet Janay checked us in and upon hearing me reference Cory to Joe, said:

"Cory at the Verizon store?"
"Yes, that's 'our' Cory!"
"He's my first cousin."

Now, you have to understand, there were thousands of people converging upon Springfest... what are the chances? 
As soon as we took care of business, we headed over the bridge to Ocean City, where we were amazed by the fact that it's really a city, albeit a beach-y one. I can never resist a sunset, so a quick few streets to the bayside offered incredible rewards. Then, it was back over the bridge to the Outback, where we met our waiter, Don. There's a reason I mention this... the next day will tell.
It just never gets old...