Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OBX Photos Of The Day - The Lone Ranger

It was hot and steamy, today, and it seemed as though the breezy water's edge soothed the mustangs almost to the point of lethargy. 
But then, there was the spunky Lone Ranger...

We'd relocated from a quiet dune to a more populated equine pathway. Joe and Mambo quickly fell into their daily siesta, while I listened to Neil Diamond singing "Be". No beach vacation is complete without this particular spiritual component. I was in a deep reverie, inspired to offer special vibes of thanks towards the cresting waves, as Mr. D. hit the lyric, "While the one God will make for your day..." 
Imagine my surprise when this macho stallion was nearly upon me. I grabbed NIK in time for a shoot. After calmly passing me by, he suddenly broke into what seemed to be a gallop-with-purpose, towards a rather large band of horses.
Joe awakened to see this and we quickly packed up to follow the action, just in time to see the band's lead stallion, Gorgeous Boy, turn from his group to confront Ranger. After a few sniffs, the studly duo went at each other. 
Don't be fooled by Ranger's mighty kick. He was ultimately forced to retreat... well, for a while, that is.
In reality, Ranger worked his way back into the dunes and then came barreling across sand to hit on Gorgeous Boy again, in a strategic sneak attack... this to no avail. 
We continued to watch for quite some time. Boy was on constant lookout for further approaches. In the end, Ranger was still alone, but with no further scars added to previous war wounds.


Please Note: Names herein are fictitious. Photos, however, are authentic...
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