Sunday, May 12, 2013

OBX Pasta Primavera With A Twist

Had I known it would be so delicious, there would be a photo of the dish, instead of the vinegar. Where was this purchased?? No idea, but it's available on Amazon. It's tangy and delicious.

I nuked leftovers of last night's salad made with dark green romaine outer leaves and bite-sized cucumber half-slices///dressed with oil, *delicious* white balsamic and garlic powder/pepper/oregano. Then, tossed with penne pasta, also leftover, and nuked again... WOW! A first for cukes - didn't realize they'd stay crunchy.

It's a rather unorthodox way to approach primavera, but it works. The tang of this incredible vinegar brings it all home. A keeper, and I'm already thinking that it would be a great twist on pasta salad, too... just skip the second warming and add whatever.

*ALESSI Aceto Balsamico Bianco di Modena White Balsamic Vinegar*