Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Voice - So, Why Did Judith Go Home?

Fans are upset with "The Voice" because Judith Hill was voted off, last night. In my opinion, she came to the show as the most talented and left as such. This was a problem. Already a pro in her own right, she was way, way out of everyone else's league. They needed development. She already had star power and was slated to appear with MJ on the "This Is It" tour, before tragedy struck.
 Singing with Michael Jackson. Wow! 

Adam nailed it when he commented that she's as good an entertainer as anyone on the panel of judges. She really didn't belong on an amateur show and I'm sure she's signing a record deal by this morning. It seems that America loves underdogs.

Judith may be gone from the show, but her star should shine brightly, as the show's winner gets an entry-level shot at success.