Friday, May 10, 2013

'Twas A Move-Your-Sand-Chair-To-The-Water Kind Of A Day

It was hot, sunny and cloudless, today... 86 degrees, inland. Humans and horses alike were seeking cool ocean breezes.
We probably saw half of the herd's 119 horses, many by the shoreline
Yearlings were dropping down in the middle of the beach, rolling over and letting the sand scratch their hot, itchy backs. 
It was adorable to see. 
Up in the dune "housing developments", lazy horses grazed right next to front porches. Remember, just a few short years ago, there were no buildings here. The equines instinctively know to leave a couple inches on grasses, so as not to deplete their food source. 
It is getting way too built up, in the off-road areas of Swan Beach and Corova. When will there be a moratorium on beach building? 
We fear for the herd. Some want it further diminished - by half. Such a reduction would cause weakened, inbred mustangs and eventual extinction. What a horrid thought.

Why don't we like in-season OBX vacations? Right now, pre-season, one can count the people on the beach... the horses outnumber us. 
In season? How about 50,000 visitors, per week, just in the short, off-road area. That's not a typo. It would be tragic to lose this incredible experience to even more monster rentals that sit vacant for most of the year. 
We see an enormous difference from just a couple years ago.