Thursday, January 7, 2010

Aloha - Part I

It's pretty common knowl-
edge that "Aloha" can mean "Hello" or "Good-bye" in the Hawaiian language; perfectly appropriate here. You see, I nearly said "Good-bye" to an old buddy, my Olympus C-8080. Yes; it's true that I've been shopping for a new digital camera to take its reliable place. "Reliable" is the operative word here; and the one that kept repeating in my brain. Why would I trade in such sophisticated technology, albeit it five years old? Lots of research led to a fresh "Hello" for my old buddy; thus you have "Aloha", all wrapped in one!

As soon as we planned our 2005 trip to the Islands, I researched more advanced cameras than the little Olympus I was then using.
I settled on this and have been happy since. Technology is boasting its new DSLR models, though; thus, the hunt. Onto e-Bay went C-8080.

Discovery was such that I'd be trading down... unless, of course, thousands of dollars could be considered. And, I'd be swapping the wonderful "feel-of-real" in this hefty camera body for something light as a feather. Some new models don't even offer movable LSD screens, or movie capabilities. What was I thinking? Here, though, I must say that larger screens certainly have their appeal. However, with all the money I'll save, I can buy stronger eyeglasses with coveted designer frames! What rationale, don't you think?!

A tad more research and what did I find? Why, a wonderful review comparing my rangefinder type-of-a-Guy to its SLR
opponent... also explaining just why we do or do not need more and more megapixels. How large are your average photo print-outs? 8 x 10's? Or, do you need poster size, justifying higher and higher megapixels? I liked this synopsis; it brought me back to reality in recognizing the fact that I'm not a pro... and my amateur results have been pretty astounding... that is, when the scenery is equally astounding...

...bringing me to some awesome pictures, taken on my virgin run with C-8080. Wow! Still, I'm rendered speechless by such beauty. Whether coast or canyon, Hawaii's exquisite offerings are surpassed by none, in my opinion. And the Guy? Why, he took amazing close-ups with his macro lens and found mountain goats at incredible distances with his big zoom... and everything in between was offered with precision.

Convinced, am I; and C-8080 has been removed from eBay. Inquiries have already been made, as to why. Sorry, Charlie. I've polished my friend and restored him to his proper home, ready to capture those precious Kodak moments of life. A great and worthy save, wouldn't you agree?

Joe, are you reading? Please, I need the Islands again, and you're my best travel buddy. When are you free? My wanderlust is becoming more and more limited to the Good Ole US of A. Aren't you happy? But, my vision is not getting any better; and I need all my strength for the heft of my C-8080..., please... soon??