Sunday, January 24, 2010

And A Happy Day To Me & Mr. D.

Somewhere in the depths of my archives, in a February 2009 folder called (link) "RESTORATION...", there are my rescued posts from last January 24th - February 25th. I nearly erased all those entries; it's a long story! I was thrilled by the save, as my very first blog entry and the birth of Color Me Inspired occurred on this date, last year. Many, many thanks to all who stop by to read and interact; I am SO inspired by you all.

I'd be remiss in neglecting to mention the amazing coincidence of Gavin's early and predicted (by moi) arrival, just moments before midnight, on my favorite musician's birthday... the story has already been told. So, rather than bore you again, I'm here to say,
"Happy 69th Birthday, ND... your Beautiful Noise continues to rock my world, as we get old together!!!"