Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sleep Strategy For Greatness

Ariana is onto something... knock off that ten pounds with sleep instead of exercise; and become a powerful woman headed for greatness, in the process.

The recommended minimum snoozin' hours are 7-1/2; this to allow our bodies to function properly. Hmmm; I was probably five years old, the last time I got that much sleep at one time. Naps? I took my first one ev-ah the Monday after Christmas '09; simply collapsed from too much holiday-ing. How about you? Have you mastered the successful sleep cycle?

I'm lovin' this article in the HUFFINGTON*POST and shall adopt its suggestion - the makings of a New-New Year's resolution?? Why not? Will you join me and take the challenge, too? Just log into the online HUFF*POST every Monday and Thursday for some coaching.
We'll see.