Monday, January 4, 2010

Soul Food-Part II

Semolina is the only way to go. I know - whole wheat is heart healthy and has all the attributes white lacks. That said, there is only so much discipline one can muster. My Italian half is flawed, and Joe supports this one!

In reviewing Resolution #2 in the post below, I did fairly well. Twelve of the twenty have stayed off since mid-April; and my once-extensive pounding of the pavement has resumed to moderate levels.

Back in the day, religiously accomplished long distances allowed me to quickly burn calories from as much pasta as desired. Let me tell you, it was a time of Pasta-Heaven On Earth! If stranded on a desert island, the only thing I'd crave would be good ole peasant food, straight from boiling water, if need be. Surely, I'd get that water to bubble over Sterno; no sweat!

Back to reality. I've found a way for us to have our cake and eat it, too, as the saying goes. Cook a pound of Rotini, and we're pretty civil; it would stretch to two nights, for Joe and me. Cook a lasagna and we're good... half veggie for me - half meaty for Joe... we've got a couple of good meals there. Cook a pound of thin spaghetti (not pictured because I try to avoid purchasing), and it's deadly; seriously deadly. We can down a pound between us, without batting a proverbial eyelash. Now, cook a pound of angel hair....

A solution? Have you ever watched angel hair grow? Do you know the portion suggestion and calorie count on every box of pasta?
1 Pound = 8 Servings = 200 calories...
...give or take a tad. 8 servings? Well, maybe with angel hair. We can do this! Now I know skinny Cousin Evelyn's secret to measuring out that exact portion... and Sophia Loren's secret to enjoying it every day. Maybe there IS hope, as we take yet another stab at pasta-portion control.

I ask you, though, "Is a pound always a pound?"

Happy New Year. Buon Appetito!