Friday, January 8, 2010

Food For Thought...

...And Consumption
Joe and I caught (link) RoccoDiSpirito on Rachel Ray this morning. It was a great segment, as he excitedly spoke to the current cookbook he is working on, geared towards satisfying, low-calorie versions of favorites in his Italian genre of cooking. It is due for release this coming spring.

It is upsetting to see other faves, Mario and Emeril, balloon up in size. They look so unhealthy, seemingly busting out of their respective skins. We agreed that it's a turn-off to following their recipes, even with subbing this ingredient and that. Of course, you'll never hear me argue the fact that Mario's pasta is to die for. I've been fortunate enough to consume it on several occasions... first with my Christian, who treated me to Batali's fantastic original restaurant, Pò, way back when. What did we choose for a main course for my fiftieth? Why, the pasta-tasting menu, naturally! And then there is Babbo... okay, enough. Still, who can argue with the look pictured here? A slender Italian chef encompasses it all. And if he tells me that (link) ShiratakiNoodles are the way to go, who's to argue? The link will take you to today's good ole HUFFINGTON POST, where other "Must-Try" foods from Rocco are mentioned. How 'bout that on-the-ear popcorn, fresh from "a" farmer. There's change on the Twenty-Ten horizon.

It's hard to imagine that anything can satisfy our Barilla cravings; but we're giving it a try. With all these fresh "angles" on losing another ten, it's a win-win; ya think?

To order online: AsianMarket