Monday, January 11, 2010

"Just" A Birdhouse?

B/K/A/G gifted us a wonderful addition for our outdoor world, by way of a very neat birdhouse. Intrigued by its artistry, I searched online to explore the possibility of having a replica of our own Old Homestead crafted. Just a couple of mouse clicks away, I found this interesting artist and his story. This is a promise: If you wander over to Ryan Ballard's website, you'll find the funkiest (as in "coolest") little houses ever... and... you'll never look at any chickadee's dwelling in quite the same way.

Consider his writings on forced migration; well, consider forced migration itself. It's what our little feathered friends are subject to each and every winter and spring. Their plight in life is just a given; and frankly, I've never thought much about it, till I "met" Ryan. He articulately and metaphorically explores nature's way with birds, as compared to the involuntary flight experienced when one is rendered homeless. His visuals, each a tribute and puzzle in its own right, leave indelible recollections of his words.

He is from NOLA (an acronym for New Orleans, Louisiana). Katrina forced migration upon Ryan, his family and friends. He doesn't want us to forget just what physical and psychological ramifications were inflicted upon so many. His words remind us, too, that whatever the appearance of one's shelter from the outside, it represents his or her security, spelled H*O*M*E. It is with permission that I embed Ryan's video and link you to his dialogue... words that cannot possibly be further enhanced.

And, he has a relative named "Aubrey"... PV, if you're reading... well, you know.

Please... take time out to meet my new acquaintance. Also, please note that the yellow crayon in the photo above points to an actual wren's nest, built several years ago in our wreath. See for yourself, by left double-clicking the photo to enlarge.

Wishing all in flight a place to call home...
and feeling blessed in my own beautiful surroundings.