Monday, January 4, 2010

Soul Food-Part I

Is it possible that I've received valida-
tion of sorts? Can it be? Please check out this horoscope, carefully cut from a recent newspaper by my husband. He knows that I normally lack interest in this content, but thought the words related to my current hobby; thus, the save. Does this mean that my "blog about nothing" (thanks, Jerry Seinfeld) can continue into the new year? I sure hope so; here's why:

Upon the arrival of 2009, resolutions consisted of three majors: (1) find my discipline again in avoiding websites that occupied too much of my time and returned few rewards; (2) lose twenty pounds and resume jogging at least four days per week; (3) find the beauty in each day and outwardly share recognition of the same.

Well, #1 and #3 were really one and the same; I found them easily accomplished, with the inception of "Color Me Inspired". Already in the habit of writing each day, it was a natural progression for me to air my thoughts, with or without followers. The bonuses, of course, were in finding a readership (thank you so much!) and a home for my photos. Digital photography has become such a passion of mine; any time in PhotoShop equates to that spent by a child at a favorite playground. My little Mac is a powerhouse of activity.

Maybe I'll pay attention to just this horoscope; it conveniently affords me the opportunity to relax and go with my personal inner flow.

Resolution #2 shall be addressed in the following post. Meanwhile... Thanks, Joe.