Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quick Fix

Chicken Cacciatore is finger-lickin' good; no joke. My Mom's is always the best, simmered till the meat is falling off smushy bones; but this quickie version is dynamite and Thursday-night-suitable:

Sauté lots of chopped garlic in your best EVOO. Sprinkle the skin side of chicken-on-the-bone with paprika and brown, a couple of pieces at a time, in the sizzling oil. Drain off chicken, while you check the garlic for translucency or light brown color (as we like it). If you think there is too much fat or oil in your pan, soak it up with paper towels; but don't lose any garlic! Add a box or two of chopped Pomì tomatoes, according to how much "you-know-what" and chicken you'll be dining on. Season sauce with wine, oregano, parsley, bay leaf, fresh pepper, and whatever else you like; bring to a low simmer. Return chicken to the sauce; put a pot of water up to boil. By the time you make a salad, set the table and cook the "you-know-what", the chicken will be ready to serve.

It still smells like Little Italy in my kitchen... no leftovers tonight!

Buon Appetito.