Friday, January 8, 2010

Salud, Salute, Gesundheit, G-d Bless You...

How do you say it?

A sneezing fit last night afforded me a major flashback to my youth. Yep; two a.m. and I was sneezing uncontrollably, reminding me of my Gran. She and I shared a beautiful room in our home in Massapequa. We had a street view on one side and a lake view on the other. Twin beds were separated by a pretty dressing table, overlooking the street; a window on the world. She was a woman "before her time", so to speak, in that she could have taught Gloria S. a thing or two about "Women's Lib", before the phrase was coined. I know, I know; I've said this elsewhere in the depths of my blog.

Gran experienced many a sneezing fit, during many a night. After Sneezes 1, 2, 3 and possibly 4, I'd call over to her, "G-d bless you, Gran." On about #5, I'd say, "G-d bless you for the rest of the night, Gran," and off to sleep I'd go.

How wonderful that we have the ability to summon up these precious, sometimes-silly moments of life. Who can knock laughing aloud in the wee hours of the morn, lovin' my Gran, and remembering how she continues to be a strong influence in my life as a woman?!

Ahhhhhhhhh-choo! "Gesundheit"... or, as Gran would say, "Salute!"