Monday, January 4, 2010

A Companion

My Dad loved language; I thank him for my inheritance. Would you agree that it affords us ongoing opportunities to hone our skills, as grey matter remains acutely cognizant of endless knowledge, there for our taking?

As a kid, I read with WEBSTER'S as a companion, maintaining running lists of new words. When a new book was not available, I read WEBSTER'S itself!! Mac's online dictionary and an application called "Stickies" has replaced the book and lists; but I need them no less today than as a child. When writing, I constantly proof myself; and it's a darned good thing I do!

In this morning's post, "Soul Food-Part I", I digressed from proper usage with the word "transgression" instead of "progression". WOW! That can sure alter a concept. I corrected the error; but I've gotta hand it to our wonderful language and all the words used therein.
What a rewarding challenge.