Thursday, January 21, 2010


With a little help from my freezer, I doubled flavor by com-

A quart of pumpkin purée - 11/01/09 post -
A quart of this week's homemade chicken broth - (link) A Request
A frame from a cooked turkey breast, with a little meat left on it
A few fingerling potatoes
A sliced onion
Some raw cabbage
A little thyme

I brought ingredients to a low simmer and forgot about it for 1-1/2 hours. Flavors were just blending here. When finished, frame and potatoes were removed; turkey was shredded and potatoes cut to be returned to the pot. Next up was lots of parsley and ground pepper. Topped with a dollop of low-fat plain yogurt, "delicious" elevated to "extraordinary"!

To note: Don't have pumpkin? Butternut squash would work well. You can bake or simmer beforehand... or, chunk and toss in raw, puréeing it when cooked.

Bon Appétit.